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by Christina | Posted in Gardens | No comments yet. | 1004 views on this post

There is nothing so magical as the thought that little fairies may be making themselves at home in your garden. By planting flowers and adding fairy doors to your garden, you are sure to create a place where the whimsical little folk settle and that is a place of wonder. Follow these steps to create your very own fairy garden

A – Pick your location! You need to decide whether or not you would like your whole garden to be a fairy garden. Maybe you would just like to keep a little area of your garden for the fairies (to give the little folk some privacy perhaps.) Creating a border with stepping stones, pebbles, wood, or small fencing can do the trick when making your fairy garden.

B – Plant lots of flowers! The little folk like flowers of various heights and colours. Fairies are drawn to bright and cheerful species! Also try some ground cover plants. Moss is perfect for the fairies to rest on! Why not also try miniature roses, forget-me-not, lily of the valley, violas, miniature bell flowers, baby's breath, and chamomile. If the flowers smell really nice, that’s an added bonus.

C - Attract other wildlife to your garden. Fairies absolutely love birds. The best way to get birds interested in your garden is by hanging feeders and providing nesting boxes. Or why not add a bird bath to your fairy garden? The birds and the fairies will love the water!

D - Add Fairy doors and houses. Fairies, like any other creature, need a place to call home and rest their weary heads.

Finally sprinkle some fairy dust and invite the magical fairies in! Elderberry gifts sells a large range of fairy doors and houses to help create your very own fairy land but we never get to see the finished product so if you have added any of our doors or houses please feel free to send your photographs to us to add to our site!

Wishing you all lots of fairy magic

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